Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The List Of Lost Graduates

So, I started checking out the site and found that people who I've seen in the past 6 months are considered "lost" and yep, there I am on this list

Albert Long (AJ)
Barbara Barnard
Bonnie Stevenson
Brenda Barnard
Brenda Morris
Christina Braden
Deloris Hipps
Donald Hughes
Gary Burlin
Glenda Childers
Gwen Wieck
Harry Thomas
Jackie Wade
Janice Keiser
Jeanette Perez
Jennifer Kelleher
Keith Hipps
Kim Fitzgerald
Kirsten Burgard
Kristina Magnusen
Lori Burns
Marie Barger
Mary Keen
Melissa Rivera
Michael McCoy
Michael Sonstein
Nana Henton
Pamela Acierno
Peggy Shinault
Philip Long
Robert Blank
Roger Deskins
Rose Baltruweit
Samantha Seme
Shannon Hay
Yvonne Cox

My mom and dad still live in the house they've lived in since I was 10 and my brother and his wife are teachers in Bula. In fact, my mom still works at Perkins and yep, she's the one with the bun on her head!!

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