Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A GREAT Time Was Had By All

I've volunteered to assist Brenda with the new website and to look into migrating to a google site for the reunion. I'd like to hook it up to a blog, twitter, facebook, myspace, etc... I think you get the picture.

I'll try to upload my pictures from the reunion tonight. I'll post them into Flikr and then pull them over here for additional ease in viewing.

My hope is that we can have a much larger reunion next time, perhaps at the Lodge, but we will need more participation. The great thing about using the lodge is my ability to stumble back to the room after the party. No driving involved at all!!

Oh and one additional note: The Ashtabula High School class of 1987 did not have a 20 year reunion. If you don't have anyone who steps up to the plate guys, you're not going to have a reunion and it's simply too much for one person to do on her own (Vicky Aunger, wherever you are, glad you did the 10 for your class, but man, it sucks no one stepped up to help you do a reunion for the 20).